Home Tech google maps location sharing includes battery life check

google maps location sharing includes battery life check


google maps location sharing includes battery life check

With the location discussing feature of Google Maps, users can’t only see where their buddies are, but exactly how much juice is within their friend’s phone.

Google Maps’ location discussing contains a new feature discovered by Android Police that provides users the opportunity to begin to see the exact battery number of the telephone they are tracking.

Should you share where you are having a contact, that contact can easily see where you stand as well as for how lengthy. This function enables users to go to their contact’s location or provide them with an believed duration of arrival. The brand new battery percentage information seems plus the closeness of the contact, informing the consumer if friends with them is charging their phone.

This provision could put worries comfortable for users concerned why they haven’t been told by a buddy ? possibly as their phone died ? and today users can check.

It is definitely the chance for users screening a phone call using the excuse their phone is going to die to obtain known as out.

Battery existence function is exclusive to location discussing on Google’s Android phones or even the Google Maps application. Apple phones possess the the place application Find My Buddies for iOS devices, but iPhone users with Google Maps can also see their contact’s phone percentage.

To show off location discussing, and battery level discussing, continue google’s Maps application, select “Menu,” “Location discussing,” choose the contact you need to remove after which hit “Remove.”


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